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Equipped with decades of experience, mountains of references, and a wide array of communication skills, we can say that we are worthy of being trusted in terms of your decision-making for your home improvement. The variety of expertise of our personnel can range from a seasoned interior designer to a more creative landscaper and to a more skillful engineer. We also employ cooks and craftsperson services for making more relevant content as long as it increases the quality of life.

Our partners are truly experts in their fields. No information is too small, and no problem is too complicated not to be solved. All of our contents are being fact-checked first before publishing, and therefore you can rest easy on the doubts and skepticisms.

Our Review Board

There are countless product reviews on the internet today, and one of the dangers is misinformation. To continue serving you with utmost truthfulness, we created a specialized group of select members called the Review Board. This group is tasked to oversee our review process.

All of our reviewers make sure to stay as objective as possible by inferring updated information through relevant research, and another team will conduct fact-checking and proofreading. In every field that is being reviewed, only the personnel with the expertise closest to that particular field are certified to carry the task. After the checking process, it will undergo a final edit before publishing.


We, from OK Decorate, have a team of fact-checkers to systematically ensure that the information is gathered and used as content or reference are truthful and legally approved. We strive to uphold ethical standards at all times in all our provisions for our dear customers.

As proof, all articles being fact-checked have a badge icon displaying at the top of the article. Through this, you are guaranteed that our team is conducting the edits, and there is accountability in what is being published.

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