Minimalist interior styles have gained popularity due to its emphasis on space. However, in recent years and because of many interior designing ideas being showcased in reality shows and social media, there is an encouragement to apply a bit more elements for the sake of aesthetics. One style born from that is what is ‘Kindercore.’

What Exactly Is Kindercore?

Kindercore represents simplicity. Although minimalism also sort of represents that, Kindercore is different in terms of content. The word ‘Kinder’ means ‘children’ in German. This means that the approach in choosing elements to add is rooted in your playful nature.

The style aims to have positivity as its theme amidst all the ongoing negativity that can be easily felt even online. It is still in its imperfect state, meaning that there is yet to be experimented on, and there is a lot of room for development. The decorative pieces can go as far as being unnecessarily shocking, such as neon signage.

What Is Chubby Furniture?

Chubby furniture has a room in the Kindercore style. The word ‘chubby’ is used since these pieces of furniture tend to have unusual shapes, such as an oblong-shaped pillow or a set of stuffed, cylindrical furniture legs. Most of them have round edges and more depth than regular furniture.

Due to its appearance, it can be said that the furniture has a fun appeal and a surprise factor. Mixed it with a sophisticated background, and you have a fusion of old and new styles.

How Should I Incorporate Kindercore Into My Home?

As mentioned, Kindercore style interior incorporates other elements for the sake of fun and positivity. For starters, you can choose small items such as a lamp. From there, you can experiment with the right blend.

Kindercore colors are being inspired by Pantone’s spring colors of 2020. They are all bright and bold for a room. Aside from the colors, another aspect that can be ‘played’ on is the shape.

The chubby furniture is one example. You can do a few trial-and-errors as well until the right fit that satisfies the purpose of Kindercore is attained.

Where Did Kindercore Originate From?

Kindercore is a recent style and still evolving. The idea is believed to have originated from some famous artists and designers. In the 80s, there was a similar movement called ‘Memphis’ by an Italian group. The origins of the Kindercore style seem inconclusive, but the number of ideas that can stem from it can be endless.