Are you tired of looking at a bland wall or a dull color scheme? Maybe the time has come to reinvent that into something dynamic. There is a concept called a ‘living wall’ wherein you incorporate plants into your wall as decorations.

Not only do they add ‘life’; they will serve as an air purifier for the room, noise reducer, and stress reliever. Suppose you need ideas on how to arrange your plants or select the ones that satisfy a motif. In that case, you can apply either of the following listed below:

Living Wall In A Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the least decorated rooms in the house due to the presence of utensils, cabinets, and necessary appliances. Additionally, the food is stored and prepared in that area. Having a living wall in a kitchen definitely serves not only as a backdrop but also as a health reminder.

You can utilize the natural sunlight. Watering the plants is never a worry since you are obviously in the kitchen. For plant selection, you can start with winding plants such as philodendron or pothos.

Hang Baskets

If you want to utilize old wire baskets, you can use them as hanging containers of your potted plants. You can mix them up using baskets made from other materials as long as they can carry your plants securely.

You can adopt this idea If you are looking for a low-maintenance collection of plants. This may be perfect in a wall outside the house interior wherein you can water them easily.

Brightening The Office

The office must be a place of productivity. Along with that demand, stress can definitely build up. To relieve that, you can create a living wall using fewer maintenance plants.

It doesn’t need to cover the entire wall but only a portion where it is often more exposed in your line of sight. You can choose succulents or air plants like tillandsia.

Wall-Mounted Planters

Wall-mounted plants can be perfect in the welcoming areas of the house. These plants are great to be incorporated with other potted plants as well, either placed in the corner or at the side of furniture. Although they can work well, the preparation might need a little more organization in the planning stage since various skills are needed.

Plants Overload

Suppose you like being casual and need only to add visual aesthetics in the room. In that case, you can just stuff that wall with various indoor plants. The purpose of overloading is to fill up as much space as possible and let it be a feast for the eyes. The maintenance, however, can be a challenge, and you need to consider providing rooms for growth for these plants.


This might be probably the most intricate living wall idea on the list. The idea suggests making or recreating an artwork using the natural color of the plant as the paint. You need several technical things and a mixture of moss, succulents, air plants, and other small indoor plants as well. Aside from that, the retention of the components is the key factor in making this idea work.


Suppose you are familiar with pocket containers such as those in shoe racks wherein they can be mounted vertically. In that case, you might have an idea of how to utilize them in a living wall. This is perfect for easy rearrangement or replacement. Plants like ivy, pothos, and evergreen are great selections.


If you want larger plants to fit in the pocket, maybe you need a pegboard instead. This is perfect if you wish to rearrange or reorganize the plants constantly. The mixture of plant sizes will not be a bother as long as the placements are done with effort.