Summer is the time for barbecues, pool parties, and beach getaways because of the hot weather. However, another best way to enjoy this season is by simply relaxing in an air-conditioned room.

It is so relaxing that 75% of Americans have an air conditioner installed at home. This explains why it’s important to give your AC the proper care it needs, whatever the season is, but most especially during the summer.

Luckily, we got you covered! Here are some AC summer tips to keep in mind to make sure your appliance can keep you cool and comfy throughout the summer.

7 Tips on How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner Throughout Summer

1. Consult a Professional for a Maintenance Check

One of the highly recommended tips is to look for a good HVAC company to clean and check your AC from time to time. Even though you can follow all the tips listed here, experts know best how ACs work.

They can understand and identify the problems early to avoid having a broken AC when you need it the most. It is highly recommended to have a maintenance check before the summer if you want to take advantage of more affordable rates.

2. Regularly Clean and Change Your Filters

One of the most effective and simplest ways to ensure that your AC is healthy is by regularly cleaning and changing its filters. You also have to check the filter type ideal for your unit and stick to the guidelines when changing or cleaning them.

3. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Your AC might not work properly or perform at its best if there are weeds, tall grasses, plants, and dirt blocking it. You can resolve this by simply keeping the area around it clean to function well all the time, especially during the summer.

4. Turn Off Your AC When You’re Not Home

You can save more energy and money if you set your AC at the same temperature all the time if you are home. Nevertheless, you can turn it off if you will be gone for a while.

5. Use Ceiling Fans

You can set your thermostat to 1-2 degrees warmer than what you usually set your AC with when you utilize your ceiling fans. This can be particularly helpful if you turn the blades clockwise as it causes the air to go down and prevents hot air from going up, thus allowing your AC to operate efficiently.

6. Regularly Check and Clean Your Vents

When you regularly check your vents, make sure that no dust or dirt keeps airflow from freely moving out. Shut the doors in the rooms where you keep the vents open. This can help the room reach the desired temperature faster since the space to cool is small.

7. Secure a Home Warranty

Following all the tips here can be helpful, but they won’t guarantee that your AC won’t encounter any problems. Units can stop working for many reasons, so having a home warranty is recommended as an extra measure.


The tips we mentioned can help make sure that your AC effectively can work throughout the summer season and keep your home cool and comfy. Just keep in mind that many factors can cause your AC to suddenly malfunction, so consider these tips as simple precautionary measures.