It is easy to choose any type of environment and make it your workspace. Nevertheless, one important function of your workspace is to make you productive at work.

To enhance productivity, you need to transform your work area into something you love. It should be comfortable and inspire you to work every day, which is crucial for success.

Designing the perfect workspace is crucial. A simple and clean space can increase your productivity by 13.5%. In this article, we will look at effective ways for designing the perfect workspace so that you will be more inspired to work.

1. Be an Inspiration for Your Design Ideas

Many design trends come and go. However, there is always a design tip that never goes out of style. You design your workspace based on how you want to present yourself. Your outfit, personality, and overall appearance can give you hints on what workspace design you need.

Of course, this will also depend on your type of work and the items or accessories that you use. For instance, if you always bring with you a small notebook with your list of tasks, then you may need a whiteboard on your workspace wall.

If you prefer wearing sporty clothes or clothes with comfortable fabrics, you can prioritize movement in your design. Your personality can bring out the best design inspirations.

2. Listen to Music

Research indicates that listening to music can boost your creativity and productivity. When you do work that requires deep thinking such as writing, reading, and evaluating documents, listening to any kind of music can help. Music can give you inspiration and ideas on how best to design your workspace.

3. Choose Colors that Complement Your Work

Using colors can be beneficial for your productivity. If you find yourself getting stressed from work such as emergency calls or difficult and long meetings, you can opt for low wavelength hues such as green and blue. These colors can make you feel calm. Research also shows that these colors can boost your concentration and productivity.

If your work involves a lot of creativity such as writing or making proposals, yellow can be the ideal color for your workspace. This is because it can spark your creativity and induce productivity.

4. Allow Movement

Being productive means having great interactions with your colleagues and clients. One effective way of increasing productivity in the workplace is to create seating arrangements that allow movement.

You can place comfy chairs strategically in friendly directions so that communication is encouraged. Aside from giving you a better blood flow, a seating arrangement that allows movement will make your guests can feel more special unlike one with a lot of straight lines. The last thing you want is a workspace that looks like a waiting room in a dentist’s clinic.

5. Do Not Get Distracted by Windows

While windows may be ideal for home settings, they may not be suitable for workplaces. Arranging your chairs to face the window will only encourage distractions. A good tip is to arrange the seats in your workspace away from the windows.

Besides, hanging a big painting between the windows can help allow a small amount of sunlight to enter. Besides, some windows let you adjust transparency for privacy so you can be more focused at work.

6. Choose the Right Office Furniture

Having nice office furniture and art on the wall to look at is great on workspaces, too. Your office guests will have a good time observing and talking about it. You can make your workspace a small gallery. Aside from sparking new ideas, it can also give your space a fresh look.

It does not matter what kind of art you choose as long as it speaks about yourself and inspires you. The color and art on your wall can help you focus more and develop your imagination.


Your workspace should make you feel confident and comfortable. It should be a place where you can show your productivity and boost your confidence every day. When it comes to designing the perfect workspace, you just need to be creative and find inspiration from what you love. By creating a workspace that you can feel confident about, your creativity and productivity will be enhanced.