Poufs are great pieces to rest on and can fit in any room of any size. Here are the best poufs that you can readily purchase.

COTTON CRAFT Dori Pouf – Best Overall

Do you want a pouf that can be used either inside the house or outside the balcony? Do you prefer that it can work in any possible style of a room? What you are looking for then is the  Dori Pouf COTTON CRAFT.

It is considered the best overall pouf. The cover is made from 100 percent cotton cord that is hand-knitted. This can definitely add as a warming factor in the cold seasons. With a diameter of 20 inches and a height of 14 inches, the pouf is perfect not just for sitting but also as a footstool or a leg rest.

The product has 14 colors to choose from. You can select convenient colors like off-white or gray colors. You can also select the wild ones such as pink or turquoise.

Handmade Leather Pouf by Moroccan Flair – Best Moroccan

If you are looking for a classic pouf design, you might be referring to a Moroccan pouf. The Moroccan Flair Genuine Handmade Moroccan Leather Pouf is quite an elegant-looking piece of furniture. Made from 100 percent leader and can come in either one of the 21 leather shades, you can definitely fit it in any place of your house without disrupting the existing interior style.

The leather used requires at least 7 artisans, wherein the manufacturing processes include recycling resources and sun-drying it. You can select whatever color you want, from normal-looking hues to bright and eye-catching options. It stands 14 inches in height and has a diameter of 20 inches.

5 Stars United Storage Pouf – Best Kids Pouf

Sometimes, a chair can be too restrictive for kids. It may be sturdy enough, and at the kids’ ages with such a high level of activity, it may not be ergonomic. To give them a good time, choose 5 Stars United Storage Bean Bag.

The product, however, is not a regular pouf. It also functions as storage for stuffed animal toys wherein their volumes serve as the pouf’s filling. It can hold around 90 stuffed toys, and the diameter can extend to 38 inches.

If you don’t have that many stuffed toys, you can fill the product with blankets and pillows. For access, there are double zippers hidden. It is also equipped with a handle to be convenient for your kids to carry the stool around.

Navajo Pouf by Majestic Home Goods – Best Indoor-Outdoor Pouf

Do you like relaxing outdoors? Do you enjoy reading a book or stargazing at night without needing to prepare a lot of items? The Majestic Home Goods Navajo Cube is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Imagine having the comfort of lying in the living room and take it outside on your patio without worrying about damage. That is what this product is all about. It has a zippered slipcover that can survive through harsh conditions.

The outside material is polyester equipped with UV rays protection to minimize fading against the UV rays. The insert is filled with polystyrene beads that are made from 50 percent recycled material. Aside from the environment-friendly features, the product comes in 2 color mixtures: either teal and white or navy and white.

Pierre Pouf by Safavieh- Best Design Pouf

Most poufs are simple in design but, if you are looking for a very stylish one, then the Pierre Pouf by Safavieh is perfect for you. It blends the highly contrasting black and white pattern, which serves as an instant recipe for adoration.

While most poufs are cylindrical in shape, this one is a cube with a side measuring 18 inches. It has a cover made from the linen-polyester blend, and the interior foam weighs 4 pounds. For easy transport, there is an integrated handle. The drawback of this product is that the limit of the seating capacity is 150 pounds only.

Natural Woven Pouf by MagJo – Best Woven Pouf

Are you obsessed with handcrafted furniture? Maybe the Natural Woven SeaGrass Pouf by MagJo is your cup of tea. The patterns are made from corn husk fibers and seagrass woven together, available in either rectangular or circular styles.

The product has a height of 16 inches, and for the circular style, it has a diameter of 16 inches. It is light in weight and sturdy. The design is perfect for houses with tropical style or villas near the beaches.

Zafu Pillow by  Waterglider International – Best Eco-Friendly

Nothing is more satisfying than owning a product that lessens environmental issues. The Zafu Meditation Pillow by Waterglider International is one of the best eco-friendly poufs out there.

The outer cover is constructed from natural cotton. The interior pillow is stuffed with buckwheat hulls that are American-grown. Measuring 6 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter, it is perfect as a meditation pillow or a footstool. You can also stuff more buckwheat hulls by opening the zipper.