The best option to organize all your clothing is to invest in having the best closet kit. It can help categorize your clothes according to size or frequency of use, hang those that are well-ironed, display them for easy outfit selection and store them properly for a longer period. The larger and more adjustable the closet, the more space you can recreate.

It is very important to have closets that fit in your room. You can invest in either customizing one wherein you have all the creative liberty or purchase a closet kit wherein all you need to do is assemble it. One of the advantages of choosing a kit over creating a personalized closet is time. Check out the list below of some of the best closet kits available in the market today.

Our Top Closet Kits of 2021

Classic White Reach-In Closet by Elfa – Best Overall

The Classic Reach-In Closet System by Elfa is considered one of the best overall closet kits. The term ‘overall’ refers to any usage, whether for general or exclusive use. It is 51 inches in width and it has a depth of 16 inches. You can store whatever clothing you have, be it dresses, suits, shoes, or accessories.

Made from epoxy-coated sturdy steel, you don’t have to worry about the closet’s durability. You will find it reassuring as you reassemble the placement of shelves and adjust the drawers. For smooth opening and closing, the drawers are integrated with easy-gliding wheels.

It may not look as sophisticated as expected for what most consider as ‘the best’, but the amount of functionality coupled with durability are enough to make it so likable and sought-after.

Configurations Closet by Rubbermaid- Best Basic

If you are looking for a basic closet, then the best of them all is the Configurations Closet by Rubbermaid. It is 4 to 8 feet size so you can use the closet for large or small applications. Aside from that, you can extend its range by combining other pieces such as shelves and rods.

An example of this is the deluxe version. You can add 12 feet more on the hanging space and 22 feet more on the shelving space. Be careful on adding more weight, though, since they are all extensions. Although the anchors may be difficult to install, they can keep the closet attached securely once placed.

Dotted Line Grid Closet – Best Budget

If you are tight on budget and wanted the best closet out of it, maybe the Dotted Line Grid Closet System works best for you. It stands 72 inches tall and has a width ranging from 4 to 8 feet. Among its features are multiple shelves and drawers, including 4 closet rods.

What makes this closet appealing is its easy shelf rearrangement through the peg-hole system. The closet is made from laminate that is thermally fused. It may be solid, but if left unattended, it can get chippings over time.

Classic Platinum Walk-In Closet by Elfa – Best For Walk-Ins

Walk-in closets can provide you tons of storage space, but the organization’s liberty might be limited. Good thing that Elfa Classic Platinum Walk-in Closet is not similar to the regular ones. This addresses issues regarding organization and customization.

You can place the closet system in rooms with a vertical clearance of at least 75 inches. With the brackets and rails attached to a top track mounting on a wall, you can organize 4 shelves, 5 sliding shoe racks, 14 mesh bins, and 2 garment rods. It may be a bit costly, but the sturdiness and adjustability level are very much worth it.

Grow With Me Closet by Little Seeds- Best For Kids

Some closets just need to be personalized, and one of them is the kids’ closet. What makes it so is the level of stimulation and safety applied suitable for a growing kid. This closet system by Little Seeds Grow With Me is great for housing clothes and toys.

It is also designed to factor in the kid’s growth, which demands more storage and hanging space. In case your kid is turning into a teen and needs a regular closet, you can reuse the kid’s closet on the younger sibling or a kid relative. Rest assured that the closet system is able to meet the test requirements of CPSIA Juvenile.

Ultrazinc Expandable Closet Organizer by Seville Classics- Best Freestanding

Do you want a temporary or easy-moving closet system? This closet might be what you are looking for. It is an excellent choice if you are renting a room with limited space because its width can be adjusted from 83 to 58 inches.

It has all the standard components for a closet, and a number of liners are included to prevent fabrics from being caught wires in the shelves. The whole product is made from steel that resists corrosion.

His & Hers Closet by Elfa – Best For Couples

If you want a single closet to contain your and your partner’s clothes, then the His & Hers Closet System by Elfa is perfect for both of you.

You basically have 2 closets in a single system wherein the organization is nicely executed. It also includes most of Elfa’s premium features, such as the gliding racks and mesh drawers.

What To Look For In A Closet Kit

To aid you in choosing the right closet kit, here are the considerations:


It is already obvious that you have to choose a closet kit that fits your room dimensions. If you don’t trust your estimations, then use a measuring tool. Besides that, make sure the installation instructions are clear enough for a person with a less technical background to understand.


Wood does make the closet look sophisticated, but great quality plastic can last for a long time. If you are very particular in the looks, choose the closet wherein you are comfortable having.


Consider what you need for some time. If you foresee that you’ll buy more clothes, purchase closet kits that are very spacious and can be extended. Otherwise, you won’t be maximizing their purpose.