Over the year, remote work is slowly becoming a norm as more companies offer flexible working hours for their employees. Currently, 64% of Americans who work remotely all or most of the time say that their workplace is either shut down or not available to them. On the other hand, 36% have reported that they opt not to go to their offices.

While working remotely comes with numerous benefits, it also has challenges. Most people who work remotely from their homes have a hard time maximizing their productivity.

Nevertheless, working remotely from home is rewarding if you can manage it well. Continue reading to know some helpful tips for working remotely.

1. Designate a Work Area

Rather than working anywhere in your home, choosing a specific part of your house and considering it your workspace is recommended. It will also help to invest in some work-from-home essentials to make you more engaged and productive during your shift.

2. Create a Routine

You need to plan your workday to be productive. Otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed or directionless if there is no structure. Make a habit that will signal the beginning and end of your workday and give you a proper mindset for the day.

For instance, you can make it a habit to start your workday with a cup of coffee while going through your tasks for the day. At the end of your workday, consider taking a quick bath to alert your brain that the day is done.

3. Do the Big Tasks the First

One of the useful tips for working remotely is to tackle the big and challenging tasks first. Usually, you may end up feeling overwhelmed when you feel that you do not have enough time to complete all your tasks.

According to compound effect theory, handling larger tasks involves breaking them into smaller tasks that can be completed each day. Over time, the big task can be completed because of the consistent efforts in completing the smaller tasks. Even though it may seem insignificant at the moment, the results will be impressive.

4. Use Tools

Aside from using a remote access VPN to log on to your companies network from home, you can try exploring time management programs. It does not matter if you are tech-savvy or not because you will find something that works for you.

Alternatively, you may consider using a central calendar for personal and work tasks. You can assign colors for these tasks to make them more readable. This helps to keep you organized and prevent mistakes like scheduling lunch with your friends at the same time when you should hold a meeting with a client.

5. Lessen Distractions

Your family members, bed, favorite TV series, pets, and many other things can make you distracted while working at home. Therefore, it can help to explain to your house members the importance of knocking and not making a lot of noise.

You can also eliminate distractions by closing tabs in your browser that are not work-related. Additionally, put away your phone and only use it when taking breaks.

6. Continue to Interact

You have to keep in mind that working remotely is not the same as isolating yourself. Socialization helps to keep both your career and mental health in check. Therefore, you must find ways to interact with your teammates. Also, don’t forget to be more active in your office group chats.

7. Disconnect from Time to Time

You can still feel distracted by the outside world even when working remotely. That is why it is recommended to disconnect from all devices. Disconnecting from time to time will enable you to focus and be more productive.

If you have an important task to complete, shut down your email first since unread emails can be a distraction. Closing it every 30 minutes or 1 hour can do a lot for your concentration. As a result, you can complete the work faster.

Also, try not to check your work email or messages first thing in the morning if possible. This can cause you to go off-track for the day.

8. No One Is Perfect

Remember that you are human, so it is alright if you do not get all your tasks done. When you feel off, that is normal. You can feel more frustrated when your productivity is low for the day. However, you should know that it is not uncommon to feel less motivated and unproductive on some days. If this happens, find something that motivates you or take a break.


If you are just getting started with working remotely, we hope that these tips for working remotely prove effective to help you make the most out of your time. The trick is to feel comfortable where you work and establish a routine that will increase your productivity. Focus without much hassle.