We always look forward to the holiday season, especially when we wake up on Christmas morning in anticipation of our Christmas presents at the base of the Christmas tree. The magic happens the night before, but there’s more to arranging these items than we think.

Before we dive into how to place gifts under the tree, you should know that presentation is very important – this means you should invest in wrapping paper or fabric to package your gifts.

Arranging presents has a guide, and if done right, your home will appear cozy, and the tree will look like there are more presents than you actually got for your children and loved ones.

How to Arrange Your Presents Under the Tree

Arranging presents under the tree is like art because you can’t just keep the gifts at random spots at the tree’s base. There has to be order and purpose to it. If you want to enhance the excitement your loved ones will display from the unveiling of your presents under the tree, you need to learn to make your presents look like an artful collection.

It’s expected that there will be Christmas presents of various sizes for your family members and friends. This makes it more important for you to make their presentation visually appealing.

To make your presents appear like an artful collection on the morning of December 25:

  • Don’t stack the gifts in a pile; spread them around.
  • Put the smaller gifts in front and the larger ones at the side of the tree or behind the smaller ones.
  • Put the more exciting presents behind the less interesting ones – the idea behind this is to build anticipation.
  • Ensure the presents are kept far away from heat sources such as light bulbs or the fireplace that can damage them or start a fire in the house.
  • You can arrange the gifts so that the smaller presents will lean on the larger gifts – this enhances its appeal.
  • Don’t use the back of the tree to keep any gift; it should be bare. Limit your area of storage under the tree to the front and sides.

Decor Tips

Wrap All Items

As parents, you’ll want to make your gift reveal as fun as possible for your children. Using wrapping paper makes the items you’re gifting more interesting to look at, gives the impression that they are more presents than they actually are, and fulfills the Christmas tradition. So, wrap everything up, no matter how small or insignificant you think they are. Remember, the holiday season is not about the gifts you’re giving out, but the love behind them as well as the pleasure of seeing the surprise on the faces of your loved ones.

Use Multiple Wrapping Papers

Don’t stick to one wrapping paper because that may look boring. To create the perfect “fun” look for your kids, we recommend using 2 to 3 packaging papers with a similar color palette. For instance, you can use traditional Christmas colors – green, white, and red. Interestingly, they all complement each other.

You use a specific color of paper for certain kinds or sizes of items, depending on your preference. Alternatively, you can use a separate wrap for each person you’re gifting. For instance, you can use blue wraps for friends, green for your kids, red for your partner, and so on. You can even get creative as well. These packaging papers are diverse not just in colors but in patterns as well.

Use Packages

This is a good alternative to wrapping paper. You can use boxes to pack these items and then finish the look with ribbons on top. Interestingly, packages make the items you’re gifting appear bigger than they actually are. Whether your presents are items such as bags, socks, or even a watch, there are packing boxes of varying sizes that you can use for putting them in.

Arrange the Items Based on Size

The biggest items should be placed at the sides of the tree and then followed by other large gifts. On the other hand, small gifts should be in front of the larger ones – the latter will serve as a backdrop for the lesser-sized items.

Arrange the Items With the Colors in Mind

We also recommend arranging presents in a way that the colors will enhance the display. This is easier when you use packing boxes or papers with a similar color palette.

The Best Time for Putting These Items Under the Tree

The best time for this is when everyone is asleep on Christmas Eve. Doing this earlier than Christmas Eve will ruin the surprise and seems too hurried.