Like many homeowners, I prefer professional window washing, which comes down to either hiring professional window washers (if you can afford them) or using what they use for washing windows. For streak-free windows, there are certain items they use to achieve it. That will be my first port of call before we delve into the process of professional window cleaning.

What Professional Window Washers Use

If you want to clean windows like a professional or you merely just want to know what professional window washers use, the list below is what it takes:

  • A plastic bucket (preferably rectangular)
  • Squeegee (the squeegee blade is a rubber blade, and it should be replaced when it’s worn out)
  • Dishwashing liquid or window cleaning detergents
  • Warm water
  • Clean towel or lint-free rag. We recommend microfiber rags for window washing
  • Scrubbers
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • Ladder (for high windows)

These are the items a window cleaner will need for professional cleaning. You can purchase what professional window cleaners use at hardware stores nearby.

Now that the WHAT has been answered, let’s delve into the HOW. Before you begin washing your window glass, you need first to prepare the window cleaning solution.

Prepare the Soapy Water

  • Window cleaners use a plastic bucket and pour about 2 gallons of lukewarm water. They also use cool water during very warm weather conditions
  • Pour a teaspoon of dish soap into it
  • Mix the solution for several seconds

The Cleaning Process

#1: Prep the Scrubber

  • Window washers get scrubber and add a small amount of the windshield washing solution or window cleaning solution to it
  • They rub this solution over the scrubber
  • Then they insert the scrubber into the solution
  • Bring it out from the bucket and let the excess water drain out

#2: Cleaning the Windows

  • Before window cleaners begin window washing, they use a separate clean rag to wipe the outer window frame
  • Professional window cleaners use the scrubber to start cleaning the class. They clean windows in a circular motion across the entire surface of the window glass. These professionals clean every square inch and all four angles of the window
  • When they are done scrubbing the glass, they use the squeegee horizontally on the window at a thirty-degree angle. Alternatively, they can use vertical strokes to direct excess water down to the dirty part of the windows
  • They keep scrubbing till they get rid of every stubborn dirt

#3: Wiping Strips on the Window

  • They use the squeegee to make a clean strip on the window, starting with a thin strip
  • They hold the squeegee in a slanted position and begin from the upper corner of the glass and wipe the strips on the window to the bottom corner

#4: Clean the Rubber Blade and Scrubber

  • They use a clean towel to wipe their blade (preferably after each pass on the window)
  • You can use the same cloth on the scrubber and wipe it to get rid of excess water

#5: Cleaning Windows with Squeegee

  • A second round of cleaning the outside windows or inside windows with the squeegee
  • They use the squeegee blade in a way that the previous stroke is overlapped with the new one till they cover the entire window
  • They use the blade in a way that pushes water downwards to leave a clean strip

#6: Wipe Off the Excess Water from the Bottom of the Window

  • They use the towel to get rid of excess water from the bottom corners of the windows
  • To get rid of the remaining suds on your windows, they get a separate lint-free rag and drag it along the base of the windows
  • Then fold the rag to a clean side and wipe the entire window.

Repeat this process for all the windows in the home. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean the interior windows or the ones outside; the same window washing process applies to all of them.